Growing a new Australian

farming opportunity.

The Australian Tea Growers Co-operative
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Tea in Australia dates back

to the late 1800's.

The Australian Tea Growers Co-operative
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exciting initiative.

The Australian Tea Growers Co-operative
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The Australian Tea Growers


Strength in numbers.

Growing a new Australian farming opportunity.

The establishment of a vertically integrated, collaborative network will encourage the sharing of skills and knowledge and allow for quality ‘benchmarking’ to further enhance the productivity of tea farming.

In recognising a huge and ever growing world market for Tea, and at the same time discovering  that the NSW eastern seaboard and inland Central Cost areas were ideally suited to the growing of tea plants, and that Australia’s tea production equalled only <1% of that world market, a clear opportunity for a new exciting industry began to crystallize.

Early studies quickly identified a need for Researchers, Farmers, Processors and Marketeers to work together and answer a scarcity of critical information, exchange ideas, conduct trials and generally openly collaborate towards a mutually beneficial end for all parties.

The Federal Government had additionally recognised that forming groups of Farmers through their “Farming Together Co-operative Program” and working closely with other interested parties in various agricultural sectors, gave a much better chance of successful outcomes.

The founders of AUSTEA COOP have formed such an entity and welcome you to join us on this journey.

The world tea markets produce; 5.2 million tonnes each year, equating to Global value of around $800 Billion USD. Growing to $1.2 Trillion by 2020

Competitor Positioning

Our ‘Southern Hemisphere’ production cycle, combined with Australia’s ‘clean & green’ image gives Australian farmers the advantage when supplying fresh products into the lucrative Northern Hemisphere markets.


The Australian Tea

Growers Co-operative.

Growing a new Australian farming opportunity.


Building a new industry opportunity to grow process package and export Australian grown tea by way of member participation in the decision making and potential returns beyond the farm gate profit.

The prime objectives of this group (AGTPL, Kunitaro and Paradise Plants), was to explore the interest and opportunity in developing, initially at least, a NSW industry with this new crop.


At the moment, there is only ONE tea processing facility on the New South Wales Central Coast. This facility is located at Mangrove Mountain and is owned and operated by Kunitaro Australia Pty Ltd. The facility specialises in making high quality, organic, Japanese-style green tea. Growers wishing to produce this high quality Japanese-style Green Tea under guidance from the Kunitaro Company, are encouraged to do so. The Co-op can assist with this interaction.


The Co-op’s founding drivers have a diverse set of skills. This gives Members access to significant in-house expertise.

In addition, the Co-op has close ties with many related entities including the Department of Agriculture, interstate tea-growers, international growers and suppliers of processing equipment and materials, RDA Central Coast and State & Federal Government contacts.


Discover how you can get involved and become a part of growing a new Australian farming opportunity.

Begin the journey today!


Information Sessions

Information Sessions

There will be experts from the tea industry to provide information and answer questions on the tea farming opportunity. Includes tea growing; the economics of tea farming; processing tea; overview of the newly formed coop.

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