The Australian Tea

Growers Co-operative.

Growing a new Australian farming opportunity.

Tea is not a new crop to Australia, in fact it is believed that the first small tea plantations in Australia date back to the late 1800’s.

Expression of interest

Current Farming Status


Do you have a reliable water supply?

Where do you get your irrigation water from?

Do you have a surface water (creek/river/dam) licence?

Do you have a ground water (bore) licence?

Strength in numbers.

The establishment of a vertically integrated,
collaborative network will encourage the sharing of skills and knowledge and allow for quality ‘benchmarking’ to further enhance the productivity of tea farming.


Information Sessions

Information Sessions

There will be experts from the tea industry to provide information and answer questions on the tea farming opportunity. Includes tea growing; the economics of tea farming; processing tea; overview of the newly formed coop.

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